Problem based learning

Problem based learning

Richard Clarke is a problem based learning (PBL) teacher, trainer and advocate. Problem based learning is a collection of teaching methods that places the process of learning and the student at the center, rather than the product or outcome. This is a perfect model for music learning, or any other subject!


Music curriculum

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Music technology applications


Problem based learning is not project based learning. The project based learning still relies too much upon an end product, rather than the learning process. Problem based learning should always lead to a portfolio of products from which the teacher can gauge how well the student has applied their knowledge, skills and understanding.


PBL in music

Live online learning

Introduction to Music Technology

In collaboration with STEMsCO, East Central Board of Education Services and the University of Northern Colorado, Richard is developing a live online high school course in music technology.


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Music software and hardware

Course description

Private Teaching

Richard teaches private general music lessons around the Greater Denver Area in the following disciplines:

  • beginner piano

  • jazz piano

  • beginner guitar

  • music theory

  • music technology

  • singing

  • music composition

Students are encouraged to study more than one of the above disciplines!

Private lesson fees are $35 for a 30-minute lesson and $55 for a 60-minute lesson.

Students should have their own instrument for piano, classical guitar or music composition studies. Students should have access to a computer for music theory, music technology or composition studies.


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